Recent Testimonials


Our family has had to manage serious health issues. It has been very difficult on many levels. Sara has been caring, compassionate, understanding and personal. We are so grateful for the help Bounceback has given our children and for the care Sara has taken with our application. We were not just a “number” to her. Sometimes it is very difficult to reach out for assistance. Sara made it easy. She took the time and care to call references and learn about our family. She listened and conversed in a way that is not so common these days. We are so grateful that the children are able to participate in some great programs that help them in so many ways. We are also grateful in the way everything has been handled with such kindness. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!
-The Roman Family


Bounce Back has helped my family in such a tremendous way!!
I have 4 kids and they are Great kids. They always thank God for their blessings, are appreciative, maintain A’s and B’s every year, awarded at school for their grades, involved students and respectful. Thank you Bounce Back for helping to support my children to do what they Love, Basketball. I’m a single mom and I couldn’t have been able to give this opportunity to my children without your blessing.
Thank you,


“Jean-luc Guerra and family are truly greatful for the generous gift from Bounceback to help him continue his training with the Overtime School of Wrestling.  His family has been under financial burden as of late, and this gift has been very helpful in defraying costs.  Jean-luc and family really appreciate and are thankful for Bounceback’s consideration.”


“Bounce Back is the best thing that ever could’ve happened to my kids and I. I am a single mother that had recently lost my job and did not have extra money to spend on anything recreational. My son plays 4 different sports and I was trying to find a way to keep him active, as I wanted to make sure that me losing my job had a minimal impact on my kids. I found Bounce Back through one of my sons athletic associations. The online application process was so simple and easy to fill out and I was promptly contacted the next business day by Sara the owner. Sara was very understanding of my situation and was diligent in processing my sons application for his registration fees and sporting equipment. A few weeks later Sara called me to let me know that we had been approved and that the scholarship would be distributed that same day. It was just that quick! It was a relief knowing that my son would be able to continue to play sports, have fun and be with his friends without any worries. I would recommend this program to any parent who needs assistants with keeping their kids in sports.”
-Brandy F., Naperville, IL


 “I can never have enough words of thanks and gratitude towards BounceBack and what they stand for.  I am a newly divorced mother of one and am also on disability due to a rare eye disorder,  I currently am not receiving any financial help from my ex-husband. And I have not driven in 10 years due to my vision.  Being able to pay bills and buy groceries have been a stretch.  BounceBack has been a blessing!  To look your child in the eyes and tell them they can not play ball because you don’t have the money,  rips your heart out.  Thankfully I did not have to experience that this season.  My son is at practice every Monday,  Tuesday, and Thursday night. With our games coming up on Saturdays (no one knows we had financial help …he is not labelled or excluded for something he has absolutely no control over)…all thanks to BounceBack!!!”
~Mindy H