For eligible applicants interested in participating in the BounceBack scholarship program,  please provide all required documentation.  Pending approval by our board of advisers, Bounceback may provide financial and/or equipment assistance to help pay for for your child’s sports requirements. We want you to note that we do not guarantee 100% gifting for a child. We take everything into consideration. We want to be fair and we entrust in you to provide truthful information to us 100% completed.  If information that we ask for is missing you then will be contacted and all information must be resubmitted.

Important reminder: We do not accept family members as references, must have a current report card, must have free and reduces lunch form if child was accepted by school district, must have all government paperwork, make sure you place amount in request section so we know how much you are in need of,  must have a minimum of a 10 sentence narrative of your financial situation. All of this information must be attached to application.

Disclaimer: We are about 8-10 weeks out from acceptance of this time, make sure your references call us back in a timely manner. Bounceback is only able to cover up to 50% of requested funds at this time. We do not accept blank information and will have you resubmit all information again. Our application process is on a first come first serve basis, we do not expedite any applicants for personal reasons. Funds do not go to families, when accepted funds go directly to the organization in your child’s name.