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Sara Reifsteck and Family

Sara Reifsteck and Family

BounceBack isn’t just a Charity to give to – its a “lifestyle” we need to be aware of and something that is in all of our backyards. During the past 5 out of 11 years as a mother of 3 very energetic boys, all of who devote their lives to sports 365 days a year, Sara Reifsteck knows all too well the high costs of in-house and competitive sports.

This had her wondering what other families do in time of financial need for there children who have the same drive and passion for sports. Over the past year she has been creating this new “lifestyle” for families who are financially struggling. “With donations you can sponsor a child,” says Reifsteck. All of these children are from different walks of life but all have the same common goal: being part of a team!

We also are concerned about the families with special needs children and how debt does not discriminate.  Enrolling in a sports program for a child with special needs may not be a financial priority with all of the other expenses that family may endure.  BounceBack helps alleviate the financial burden of sports programs, keeping kids active and social.

We hope to work with YOU and other companies that want kids to “Bounceback” into sports, stay focused, stay active, and thrive all at the same time.  We at BounceBack would like to say, “Thank you” ahead of time for your efforts in keeping our new generational community on the courts & fields and off the streets.